windows-no disk

By SystemCheck ·
when i get this error i have to shut down pc i get this error with no portable drive or disk in drives this is like 10 minutes after pc starts.

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go go go google

by Dedlbug In reply to windows-no disk

Try this: http://www.consumingexperience.com/2007/11/windows-no-disk-exception-processing.html

It talks about changing drive letters in Disk Management...seems promising. However, I would do a spyware scan first.

Also check: http://techrepublic.com.com/5208-6230-0.html?forumID=101&threadID=238375&start=0

No Thumbs in thread, but useful help still. =]

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oh yeah

by SystemCheck In reply to Check this and let us kno ...

just noticed it happens after opening a quicktime file

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Number 4

by Jacky Howe In reply to oh yeah

4.then try making your software stop looking for drives: e.g. uninstalling and reinstalling an upgraded (or latest possible) version of QuickTime; similarly with your Norton and HP software if you have any, and clearing your most recently used documents or files lists

Good Luck

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by SystemCheck In reply to Number 4

fixed it quick time update it was

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That's great,

by Jacky Howe In reply to sweet

your up and running again.

Almost forgot, as Dedlbug posted the same link, before I did, I think that another Thumb, wouldn't go astray. What do you think?

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my bad JH

by Dedlbug In reply to Check this and let us kno ...

My bad...I must have posted right on top of your post. Exact same link. haha. I'm gonna play xbox now.

This is in no relation to the thread regarding "My Bad Free Thumbs" Though I will use "My Bad" from time to time.

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No, I should have checked

by Jacky Howe In reply to my bad JH

before posting. Just goes to show that google is handy no matter where you are.

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