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    Windows not supporting Java


    by joeduke01 ·

    With the news that Microsoft is removing Java from Windows, does this mean the you cannot create or run Java programs or that you just have to download a Java environment.


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      Reply To: Windows not supporting Java

      by jellimonsta ·

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      You can still install Java packages for the Windows OS from a host of Internet sites, including

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        M$ no longer has a downloable java package

        by pgm554 ·

        In reply to Reply To: Windows not supporting Java

        M$ and Sun are playing dueling lawyers.

        M$ wants .NET and Sun wants Java.

        I found this one out when I was visiting a web page that wanted an updated java and the M$ automatic download could not find the page at the M$ site. I was confused until I saw one of the threads on a Q&A session. It alerted me to the news that M$ had pulled java from their web site.

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        by joeduke01 ·

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        Thanks for the info

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