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    Windows Notepad add CRLF unnecessarily


    by healer ·

    How can we stop the Windows Notepad from adding carriage return and linefeed unnecessarily? It happens when the Format – > Word Wrap is selected.

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      by healer ·

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      Doesn’t add CRLF

      by mehulnpatel ·

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      If this happening while editing/writing then notepad doesnot add CRLF, it just Wraps the Display of the characters you typed to the next line for covenience of viewing. You deselect WordWrap and all the cahharacters you typed will be one line unless you give ENTER.

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        What happened was

        by healer ·

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        when I wrote something on the browser, more often than not I first wrote on the Notepad which was usually set to WordWrap for easy viewing. Then I hit Ctrl-A selecting the whole lot for copy and paste. Then I noticed the transferred writing had the CRLFs inserted by WordPad brought over as well.

        It didn’t happen on WordPad. I was trying to reproduce the problem just now while writing this post. However it didn’t happen. That must have happened in certain circumstances only. I shall keep my eyes peeled for this and keep you posted.

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