Windows nt 4 server backup and restore

By quinton ·
Hi all,

I was hoping that some one would be able to help me on this one.I have a Compaq Proliant ml370, On which i am running Windows NT4 server as a PDC. I also have another NT 4 server which i am replicating everything to it is my BDC.

What i would like to do is format an redo my PDC, with the same settings and everything.The reason for me doing this is that i have acquired a new harddrive becuase my current drive is failing. the old drive is a 18.2 GB scsi drive and the new one is a 72.8 GB scsi drive.

please could someone advise me on the best method of doing this. your help would be greatly appreciated.

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Migrate PDC

by p.j.hutchison In reply to Windows nt 4 server backu ...

First, you need to change the PDC role to your BDC. You can do this in Server Manager, select BDC in list and select Computer, Promote to Primary Domain Controller.
The old PDC will then become a R/O BDC which you can then wipe and remove it from the domain.
Then install the new NT4 server as a BDC and allow it to replicate and then later make it a PDC again.

BTW, any reason why you are still using Windows NT4?

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Client server

by quinton In reply to Migrate PDC

A big thanks for the help, its one of my clients server actually, i have been bugging them to migrate to win2003 for some time now, they have given the go ahead, but only in until then, gonna have to make do with what they got.

once again thanks for the help

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Server2003 as BDC?

by crisantoap In reply to Migrate PDC

I'm glad I found this thread regarding NT4, PDC , BDC and so forth. One question I have since I also still running NT4 for PDC & BDC and exactly have the same scenario... can I join a Server2003 box on the NT4 domain and make it as BDC? This is only precautionary before I promote the current (NT4) BDC to PDC and remove the PDC for a rebuild.

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LAN problem

by Mentty In reply to Windows nt 4 server backu ...

Event I 5719 Sorce : LOGON
I was hoping that some one would be able to help me on this . No windows NT Domain controller is available domain .(This event is expected and can be ignored when booting with the 'No Net' hardware profile )The folowing error occured. There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request.
And also Event: 4202 source:WINS
An attempt to connect to the remote WINS server with address returned with an error. Check to see that the remote WINS server is running and available and WINS is running in that server.

Please help me we don't have any connection with any workstation or any workstation can't communicate with any server.

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