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Windows NT sp4

By otrebor93 ·
Hello all,
I would like to buy Windows NT, for my PC, and I found one for sale with sp4, included.
Will this support USB connections, so I can use my scanner, printer, tablet etc. ?

I know that NT a while back did not, but I cannot seem to find a stright answer, for the version with service pack 4.

Can I go ahead and purchase it ?
Does it require a particular processor, or is it as simple as install and go ?
Regards, Roby

Athlon 550 - Asus K7 motherboard - 512 RaM.
My hardware, has drivers for NT.

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by wcp In reply to Windows NT sp4

NT itself does not support USB even with SP6.

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by wcp In reply to

I have not tried it but found the following.

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by otrebor93 In reply to Windows NT sp4

Is there anything to let windows NT recognise USB ports ?

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by TheChas In reply to Windows NT sp4

There are 3rd party solutions for USB support under Windows NT.

Microsoft used to offer a link to this software for users looking for USB support:

Even with the B-Square software installed, USB device support is LIMITED. Most basic devices function properly. Advanced devices such as scanners and digital cameras may not work at all.

Keep in mind, that the device manufacture may not have written software or drivers for their device that will work with NT.

IMHO, if you need true USB support, save your money and get Windows 2000 or XP.

Windows 98 will function well on your hardware, and will support the majority of USB devices. Although, you can have problems with Windows 9X and 512MB of RAM.
The newest USB flash drives do not work with the W9X drivers for older chip-sets such as on your motherboard.


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by Alpha-Male In reply to Windows NT sp4

While there are 3rd party solutions that *supposedly* offer USB support for NT4, I have never seen it be anything but unsatisfactory and flaky. If you really need USB, go with win2k or higher. The drivers and support there really will make it worth your while.

I've worked with NT for a lot of years and really have a soft spot for it...but if you want USB, I'd strongly recommend you look at a differnet OS.

Good luck...hope this helps.

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Windows NT sp4

As most people have indicated, Win NT4 will not support USB properly. I suggest dumping NT4 and go to Windows 2000 or even XP (your system should cope with XP).

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by nobby57 In reply to Windows NT sp4

You have pretty well heard the facts from the others -- that said, I ran a USB Zip drive on a NT4 SP6 machine with no problems -- caveat, that that was the only USB connection I could run, just one at a time. It worked just as well as USB on my other machines, though. But I also would use W2K, it's just better all round.


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