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Windows NT with Windows XP Pro

By Arogon ·
My company uses two Windows NT based servers one has a backup server and the other hosting usernames and passwords for trainees with in the company.

One of our training rooms has 12 PCs with Windows XP pro. Lately we have had a problem with one of the trainees sadly getting hold of the administrator password and gaining more rights then need be.

He managed to change the Administrator password on both servers using the "Stored Username and Password" Feature in proffesional edtion of XP.

But what we now have is that the XP PCs will not detect any of the other user profiles created on the servers. If you try login on has any one else other then our standard "Quest" or "administrator" it just wont find them. It finds the Domain we have created and also all other PCs connected to the network.

We have scanned for viruses on our network but cant find a single virus that would cause this to happen. If any one has any idea or has had the same problem that would be great!


Mr Gary Levy

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by BFilmFan In reply to Windows NT with Windows X ...

If he managed to gain access to the domain administrator password, it wasn't strong enough, but you need to reset it.

Dan Petri's Article will walk you through resetting the password:

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by Arogon In reply to Windows NT with Windows X ...

Thanks for replying, I forgot to mention that during one of the classes another trainee pulled over one of our teachers and explained what had happend to the servers. He also gave us the the changed password.

The problem that we had was the Windows XP Proff client found the domain servers and computers but had managed to unregister it self. So none of the user logins sept two basic ones was working. I did a Network ID wizard on the XP machines and it re-registerd the machines again to the domain. This then allowed me to login has another user.

Again thanks for replying my headack has now gone!

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