Windows Office Permissions with Windows Server 2003

By michael ·
Whenever users try to save a Power Point or Excel files on the server, they get a "this is a read only" message. I "solved" the Excel problem by upgrading permissions levels to administrator (obviously not an ideal solution - but at least we remain productive). With .ppt files, I can't even save when I sign on as the administrator. I can move the file to a user's computer, modify and then copy over the old file but not a direct save. I check the read-only status - which was on - and turned it off but it did not help. We are using Office 2003 applications.

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Are multiple people opening the file(s)

by w2ktechman In reply to Windows Office Permission ...

at the same time? If so, only the first person who opens it can write to it. Once they close it someone else can access and change it.
If however, someone leaves it open, it would need to be disconnected from the server side.

Although I hate to say it, maybe a Sharepoint site would help out. The file can be 'checked out' and edited, and then when it is checked back in, others will know.

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