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Windows OS 8

By shabonn ·
Any updates to the time line for public release of Windows 8. I'm in the market for two new computers and can't decide if I should wait. I don't care to do an upgrade from OS7 to OS8 even if it's offered. I prefer a complete install. My current OS is XP3

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i did a quick google search

by PurpleSkys In reply to Windows OS 8

possibly this fall?

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OS 8

by shabonn In reply to i did a quick google sear ...

Thanks....any other opinions out there?

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You need to remember that this is Microsoft

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to OS 8

And the current version of 8 floating around isn't even a Beta Release.

So while M$ may claim late this year that is typical of M$'s overly optimistic Release Cycle, I would very much doubt that we will see a RTM Version of 8 for Christmas 2012 let alone this year.

Currently the Beta isn't available and you just know that with the changes that are necessary to 7 to make 8, there will be a lot of Bug Fixing Time between the Beta Release and the RTM version. Then you have to wait for the Finial Production Version though some companies may rush to market with a preloaded RTM Release.

I would expect mid 2013 at the earliest and possible considerably latter.

However saying that XP is still very much a working OS that will be around for a very long time to come.

Personally I wouldn't be rushing out to spend my money as all my clients are still using XP and none at the moment have any intention of moving to 7 let alone anything newer. It's not just the computer you need to think about but all of the other hardware and software that comes along with the package that needs changing after an OS switch.

Anyway it's not really difficult to wipe a HDD with 7 loaded and use a OEM Install Disc to load 8. You still will most likely have to change a lot of the Software and any associated things like Printers/Scanners & Web Cams at the very least.


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