Windows Outlook 2003

By mlloyd ·
Getting an error when trying to completing send/recieve in Outlook

Can't access the POP3 server. It can access SMTP but not POP3. Although I can access email through the web portal fine.

I also started getting the "enter network password" dialog box asking to confirm password.

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Enter Network Password box keeps popping up

by pamkay In reply to Windows Outlook 2003

Hi, did you ever get this sorted? I am getting it too and it drives me potty.

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Any resolution?

by don.blakley In reply to Enter Network Password bo ...

I'm also having this issue. Do you have any solutions to share?

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please answer the following questions...

by Triathlete1981 In reply to Windows Outlook 2003

and i'll try to help.

is this a work account?
if so, are you using an in-house mail server or third party (out-of-house) mail server?
if not, are you using outlook to access a third party email account like aol, yahoo, msn, etc?
does this problem happen a lot?
did you change your email settings?

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Answers to questions

by don.blakley In reply to please answer the followi ...

It is a standalone single account on my personal PC -Pop3 - situation. It started occuring when I added a second account to my Oulook. It had been working fine before that.

The request to 'enter network passwork' information happens constantly and repeatedly when I reenter and click OK. If I cancel it goes away - for awhile, then comes back.

I've now deleted the registry password (pstore) setting as recommended by others. This also has not helped.

I've deleted all email accounts and tried just setting up the new account - but still same problem.

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so you know how to set up an email account...

by Triathlete1981 In reply to Answers to questions

since you said you've ste up the new account. what is the name of the mail server you are using? what is the domain of the email account? you don't need to give me the address, but pop3 just pertains to the kind of incoming mail server, imap vs. pop3.

try this, open outlook. tools, email accounts, view or change existing email accounts, choose the email account that isn't working and click change. under server information, make sure you have the name right for the incoming (pop3) mail server and outgoing (smtp) mail server. click the more settings button. under advanced tab, make sure your pop3 is set to use port #110.

also, if it's a connection speed problem, where the attempt to access the pop3 server is timing out, under the advanced tab still, change the server timeout to max, 10min i think.

let me know if any of this helps or doesn't. i'll keep an eye out.

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Any resolution yet

by andi.lutter In reply to so you know how to set up ...

I am having this exact problem. I am using Outlook on a LAN that is connecting to the internet using NAT. The POP server is on a different network than my ISP. Initially, I could receive email but not send as my actual domain does not allow outgoing mail from outside the corporate network. When I changed my smtp server to that of my ISP, all of a sudden, Outlook started asking me for my user name and password for the POP server (even though the credentials in setup had been working before). It never successfully recognized those credentials, just kept asking and asking until I would eventually click <Cancel>. Now it tells me it cannot even find the POP3 server. My outgoing mail problem has been resolved but a new incoming mail problem has been created. Can anyone help?

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