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    Windows Patch Managment


    by james schroer ·

    I work in a Development enviroment. There for I’m not allowed to install patches on our machines because of testing purposes on the machines. Our systems mimic production and everything is controlled in our enviroment before it is moved up to production. So I’m looking for patch managment software for windows that can do two main things.

    1. Allow the developers on the system to pull down and install the needed patch that they want to install. (This must be able to be done from the client server it’s self or from a site that prevents the developers some how from pushing a patch out to a machine that isn’t their’s or they don’t have rights to.)

    2. Allows me as the admin to do a report on what patches are installed in the event of a emergency patch.

    I only know of two products out there but not sure if they can do what I need it to do. WSUS and Shavlik

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      by james schroer ·

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      by bincarnato ·

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      WSUS will do most of what you need. As far as #1 though it would become tricky. You would have to create a group for each machine in your test enviroment and then each user would have to have the ability to go into the WSUS control panel and approve an update for the specific group/machine they wanted the patch applied to. IF you are talking a dozen machines or so probably wouldn’t be too bad but more than that could become a headache to manage.

      #2 The lastest revision has many reports that can be generated.

      Don’t know about Shavlik.

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        To many manchines

        by james schroer ·

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        Thanks but we are looking at about 1000 machines. I was also thinking of something that may just have a web type interface for the developers can log into and only thier machines would show up and they could push to any one that they want to. It kind of looks like Shavlik has something like that but I’m not sure.

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