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Windows PC Locks Up

By gjschulte ·
I have a PC running Windows XP Pro SP1 that locks up with no warning.
It happens especially when I start a large download, like the full download of the lateset version of IE6, or the full download of XP SP2.
Sometimes it happens with several applications open at the same time, especially if Outlook Express is one of them. It also occurs if more than a few applications are open, & I try to use the printer.

The problem has been going on for some months now.
When it happens, I have to just power off, & re-boot. Windows always wants to do a check of the hard drive.

The system specs are:
EPOX Ep-8KTA3+ Pro motherboard 3 years old
AMD Athlon CPU 1400, running at 1200
1 SDRAM 128 MB generic
Creative Labs Graphics Blaster EXXTREME 8 MB RAM
Western Digital UDMA 100, 160 GB drive 6 weeks old
C partition is 5.02 GB
\ partition is 23.2 GB
E has the remainder, (which still needs to be formatted)
CenDyne CD burner 48 x 16 x 48 Internal IDE
Creative Labs Modem Blaster PCI 56K v. 90
Adaptec 2940 Internal PCI SCSI-2 controller
External SCSI scanner UMAX Astra 1220S
External SCSI ZIP 100 drive

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Windows PC Locks Up - HELP!!

by gjschulte In reply to Windows PC Locks Up

I guess it was late enough last night that I forgot to let it be known in my original post that I was looking for assistance in resolving the problem I described.
I should have added some things.
I am on Cox Cable (it's the only remotely affordable high speed internet provider in my area)
I use a Netgear router to connect 2 PC's to the cable modem.
Zone Alarm, AVG, & BHO Demon are active.
I have run Lavasoft Ad Aware, Spybot S&D, HijackThis & Proc Explorer without finding anything amiss.
I ran 2 different memory tests by DOCMEM2 against the RAM without any errors showing up.
The paging file is on C:, and defragging doesn't seem to help. There is over 1 GB free on C:.

Can someone offer me any help in resolving this very annoying problem?


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by Black Panther In reply to Windows PC Locks Up - HEL ...

When did it start to lock up??

Does it lock up when doing a certain function/game process?

Did you load a certain program just before it started to lock up??

Did you change any hardware / drivers before it started to lock up?

How long have you had the RAM??

Have you tried running a diagnostic program like Check-it?

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Windows PC Locks Up

by gjschulte In reply to ??

Before the problem showed up I had installed a USB 2.0 PCI card for my DV camcorder. After I found that I needed Firewire for the video, I uninstalled that & installed a PCI Multimedia Combo USB 2.0/Firewire card by Ali.
Since then I have formatted & re-installed Windows XP Pro SP1 at least 2 different times. I still have not yet installed that combo card, or any other USB card.
I have run LavaSoft AdAware, HijackThis, & SpyBot S&amp.
I ran DocMem2 against the RAM, but I do not have Check It, or any such diagnostic app. Is there a similar freeware or shareware product available?

The age of the RAM is:
256 PNY brand, 3 months
128 generic, 2 - 2.5 years

I will see if I can post in the Technical Q & A Forum. I guess you can tell I'm a newbie here.

Thanks to all.

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Try the other forum

by Oz_Media In reply to Windows PC Locks Up

You should try the Technical Q&A forum (Link in upper navugation bar).
People are there just to help people with these issues and you will probably get better responses.
Plus you'll get 1000 tech points for closing the question, if that means anything to you at all. :)

I would first run ADAWARE:
Then try an up to date birus scan, an EXCELLENT free virus scanner is AVG Antivirus,

Another reason may be a browser hijack,if you detect a trojan or virus that you can't remove, post back to Technical Q&A and you will get more help.

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Of course drivers

by Oz_Media In reply to Try the other forum

Of course always ensure all your hardware drivers are up to date, BIOS etc.

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Windows PC Locks Up

by gjschulte In reply to Of course drivers

Since some of my hardware is old, it is no longer supported. (The Graphics Blaster Exxtreme, for instance.)
However, after my last reply, I remembered something that I had tried early this year when I first noticed trouble.
I shut down the PC & pulled the Adaptec AVA-2906 SCSI-2 PCI card out of its slot. I was then able to download the latest version of IE6, whereas the machine had been locking up at anywhere from 10% to 80% of the download completed.
In the past I have tried to update the driver & SCSI utilities, without it helping much.
Since I have recently re-installed the OS, I will try one more time. If that fails, I will need to replace that with one that does not conflict with the OS.
Wish me luck!

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