Windows PC Multiple Ethernet Connections to NAS via Switch

By definetlymaybee41 ·
I am looking for advice (i am a novice).

I have Windows 10 PC which comes with 2 ethernet ports.
I also have Synology NAS with 2 ethernet ports in which i have set them up for loadbalancing.
Everything is connected to a switch and the switch has a connection to a router.

My transfer rates for files is very slow and all cables at CAT6.

With loadbalancing setup on the NAS, is there anything i can do at the PC or Switch to combine connections that may improve my connection speeds.

I have setup static addresses on both of my PC NIC cards.

All traffic appears to be going through 1 NIC and getting a transfer speed on the PC of 950Mbps which i think is fine.

However, i was hoping to double this using the second NIC, can i not get that NIC to pass over the same data? Data is being transferred to the NAS with the Loadbalancing on the NAS end should handle it. The switch is a 1Gb swich.

Looking for any pointers


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Long discussion at link.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Windows PC Multiple Ether ...
kicks around another multiple connection setup but again the old single transfer issue along with finding a supported setup is rehashed.

Anyhow, back to the NAS make to see what their supported setup is.

-> But if you find a client/person using Windows File Manager to copy files you can help. Show them other file managers, command line and if possible FTP for much faster transfers. Windows File Manager is not going to give you that speed. Never has.

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by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Long discussion at link.

I posted before noting that WRITE SPEED of both HDD and SSD are often why we can only copy in a file so fast. Not only that I've lost count of Seagate drives with speed issues. Again (repeating past discussions) these drives do not fail the maker's tests. They are however slow as in 100 times slower than good HDDs.

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