Windows Performance Monitoring Problem

By EdLockett ·
Windows Server 2003 SBS. Want to configure performance monitoring. When creating new log settings, I click on the 'Add counters..' button. In the dialog where you select the counters to monitor, the 'Performance object' drop-down box is grayed out.

If I click on the 'use local computer counters' radio button, nothing changes. I can enter a different server name in the 'select counters from computer' box and successfully view and add counters from a different computer. However, if I then try to change back to the local computer or enter the local computer name in the box, the message 'Unable to connect to machine' is displayed.

The user account being used is a domain administrator and is also a member of the performance-related builtin groups. I can start and stop the default 'system overview' log with no problem. However, I cannot configure a new performance log as I cannot view any performance objects or counters from the local computer.

Has anyone seen this problem before? To recap, I am trying to configure new log settings on the local computer. I have full admin access to the machine. Any assistance would be most gratefully received.


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by EdLockett In reply to Windows Performance Monit ...
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by EdLockett In reply to Windows Performance Monit ...
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by EdLockett In reply to Windows Performance Monit ...

Thanks a lot everybody for your input. It was really useful.

So much for the TR 'experts'...

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by EdLockett In reply to Try This

Thanks Rickk... I will try this.

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System Explorer

by oldbaritone In reply to Windows Performance Monit ...

I run System Explorer - a freebie - it puts a utilization icon on the taskbar, and It has many performance monitors.

You can also use it to see what task or program is hung or compute-bound.

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