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    Windows + Linux + Mac


    by jitendra.gamer ·

    i want to install Microsoft Windows 98,Xp,Vista, Redhat Linux, Mac Leopard Os On 1 Amd Sempron 2500+ + 512 mb ram pc. If any one know tell me the solution.

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      by jitendra.gamer ·

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      the sad truth…

      by cabinleader06 ·

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      you can not do this. if you have an apple computer with leopard already on it, you can ad a windows xp partition and a linux partition. you cannot however install mac os x on any type of machine other than a mac. sorry…

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      Virtual machine.

      by Anonymous ·

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      And google the issue. I run XP, Vista, Linux, and OSX on an AMD CPU on an HP machine.

      Do your homework because it is all over the web.

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      The New Truths….

      by fuder ·

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      having to configure a system with multi-os may vary from system to system.

      i have a pentium 2.8GHZ with 512MB ram and 32mb geforce video card

      my system is currently configured running vista (50GB) + suse linux 10.0 (20GB), natively.

      inside vista or suse linux, i installed sun virtualbox so i could install any other OSes that i like, eg. ReactOS, FreeBSD, OpenSolaris, Redhat Linux, MandrivaOne, Suse Linux 20.0, Edubuntu, ubuntu, kubuntu, etc.). it’s not however possible to run them all at the same time since there’s the limitation with the available RAM, hdd space and video card memory. so far, suse linux manages memory more efficiently than vista freeing up to 400MB of ram and 16MB more video RAM.

      i havent tried to install mac osx leopard (which runs on macs with intel processors).

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