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    Windows popup screen


    by jtra ·


    I know this may sound silly….my company is looking for a product that can immediately display..or popup a list of “company weekly events” either BEFORE or AFTER the end user logs into windows…(or possibly when they press CTRL+ALT+DEL). This is NOT a legal caption…in other words, the user will be automatically notified of what has and will happen on a weekly basis. In addition, the information need to be changed/updated also on a weekly basis or when needed.

    Could someone please help and advise whether there is suc a product out there that can do the job.

    Thanks for your help in advance.

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      by kernow_boy ·

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      Why not use a scipt file to display your file of up comming events.

      Tech republic did a good series of articles on using script files by A.V Rouse they were:-

      “First steps in VBS scripting for administrators”

      “Understand the role of scripting in network administration”

      “Getting started with Windows scripting languages and platforms”

      “Windows shell scripting can expedite network admin tasks”

      “Improve administration by using the Shell and Network VBS objects”

      “Improve efficiency of admin scripts with programming constructs”

      “Beef up your admin scripts with these extra tools”

      Use the search box at the top of the page in and copy the a title in and you will go streight to the article. I used them a while back to create a warning message at logon a while back, but cannot put my hands on the code at the moment.

      Hope this helps.

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      by tjc ·

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      use notepad or wordpad and have it autoload in the start menu of windows or in the system.ini or policy of the user (depending upon os)- and have it automatically load up a file that has the current information of the week to come. that woudl work on the log in – the college that I use to work at did that all the time.

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      by techtonik ·

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      Use the domain security options policy, under “Interactive Logon:Message text for users attempting to logon” and “Interactive Logon:Message title for users attempting to logon” and define a message that appears after CTL-Alt-Del but before entering user name and password. This allows a domain wide message, without altering of batch scripts or using notepad. This guarantees display of message, but not the reading of it ;). I am not sure what the character limit is on this, but it is a handy tool to notify users of important info, and it’s probably the quickest way as well.

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      by jtra ·

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