Windows problem after deploying GPO

By Spector ·
I've run in to a problem after deploying a GPO. The GPO contains user-configs on internet explorer.

When i log on as the user connected to the GPO Windows asks if I should run or deny several files that should start automatic, files like rundll32, my anti-virus program and other windows components.

I get the same effect in win XP as win vista. The user hasn't admin rights.

If i disable the GPO then I don't get these questions.


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by IC-IT In reply to Windows problem after dep ...

if we knew which policy(ies) you deployed and the settings, we could assist in resolving the issue.

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Alot of settings

by Spector In reply to Perhaps

Sorry for not being specific on what I've modyfied in the GPO but it's so many things so I can name them all, it would be too much info.

The most of the settings is about not to show the user some menu option, and put our intranet under default intranet so users can open documents like word, pdf etc from the intranet.
(Our intranet is a linux server and the files are on an windows server and the user opens the dokuments through IE, so we have to setup our intranet as a secure zone in IE).

I guess I'll have to take it step by step in the GPO to see what cause the problem

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It also sounds

by IC-IT In reply to Alot of settings

like there may be a software restriction policy in place. You need to specify locations that exe dll etc can run from.

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