Windows process CPU Utilization and Memory Utilization

By kaheru81 ·
In general, when a process is very actively doing it works, does it CPU utilization and memory utilization increase?

This is because when i try to keep track of the CPU utilization and memory utilization of my FTP server process (ftpserver.exe), the CPU utilization increase, but the memory utilization decrease. Why is this happening?

CPU Utilization is taken from Process\% Processor Time
Memory Utilization is taken from Process\Working Set (I want to measure the physical memory it uses)

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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CPU definitely,

by SAJChurchey In reply to Windows process CPU Utili ...

Memory may increase, decrease or stay the same depending on the type of program. For instance, you're ftp server process may use more memory when it's buffering files for upload/download, and the memory may remain constant if the process is idle. So you may be monitoring the process after a transaction is complete, and the process is freeing up the buffers. You should see an increase when you try to upload/download a file of significant size.

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More connection more utilization?

by kaheru81 In reply to CPU definitely,

Thank for replying.

Can I confirm, if the FTP server had more connection and transfer from client, it should had higher CPU and memory utilization? for example, 100 connection should had a higher CPU and memory utilization compare to 50 connection.

If I am monitoring the memory utilization are lesser when there is more connection, it means that the data (Memory Utilization level) I am collecting is wrong?

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