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    Windows Protection violation – VCOMM


    by richgp ·

    I installed a new PCI-UltraDMA 66 controller and new hard drive. Both were recognized by the system and I installed the drivers. But there was a conflict with the SoundBlaster Live! PCI card, not enough IRQs available. Also, the new drive did not get assigned a drive letter. Trying to resolve this problem by removing devices no longer used, I got the Windows Protection violation error “trying to initialize the device VCOMM:” saying I have to reboot. It reboots in Safe mode OK, but I cannot get it to boot with drivers. Several months back I removed my modem and inserted an Ethernet PCI card(Kingston)that is part of my upgrade to DSL. That has been working fine. I know VCOMM.VXD is used to drive modems, but it is not used for the Ethernet card as far as I can tell. Removing all PCI cards and the new disk drive does not help. It always stops at the Windows protection error with VCOMM. I removed all peripherals except the video card, RAGE 32 AGP, and the keyboard and mouse, but it still stops at that VCOMM error. Could it be that my motherboard is failing? Could there be corrupted system files? What should I try next? Should I try reloading Windows 98?

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      Windows Protection violation – VCOMM

      by parbo ·

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      You could try to hack the registry in safe mode and take the reference for the vcomm drv out. make sure to back up the registry eventhough you cannot boot in normal mode. also try scanreg /fix or /restore from the dos prompt. The first is suppose tofix the registry the second takes you back to a previous registry.
      Best of luck

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