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Windows Quirks

As I mentioned in my blog, if you open Notepad type the string 'this app can break', save it, and double click to reopen it, you get a set of boxes.

Know of any other Windows quirks or bugs like that? Let's see how many we can find.

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better check your system that does not

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Windows Quirks

hapen on mine, I have Win XP 64 bit, my son's Win XP Pro, or a Win 2K box we have.

I have found a problem in Word that once I get a file over 1.5 MB and is has been amended hundreds of time it does not always save the latest variation when closing down. And when you turn off all the 'backup' and 'save' options it stillc reates those odd little temp files filling up the bloody system.

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desktop folder named con

by ruperts In reply to Windows Quirks

Create a new folder on your windows desktop. Try calling it con.

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You also can't have prn.

by Stephen Young In reply to desktop folder named con

I assume it's because they were reserved in DOS days for printer and console redirection.

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desktop folder named con

by drahuja6 In reply to desktop folder named con

The same is true for any DOS device name (lpt1, com1, prn...)

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Relics of MSDOS device names

by jharkins In reply to desktop folder named con

Apparently windows won't let you create a folder (or even a document) with any name that was a reserved device name from the MSDOS days. Con was the device name for the console, prn for the printer, aux for auxiliary device. And of course you can't create items called com1, com2, etc. I'm sure there are others i'm forgeting about.

Kind od makes you weepy eyed for the old days doesn't it? :)

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You CAN create a "con" directory (and other reserved) from a command prompt

by gary In reply to desktop folder named con

From a command prompt, if you use the \\?\ access method, you can create files or directories named con, prn, lpt1, com1, etc.

Good ol' DOS. If you know how to use the command prompt, it often has a lot more power than the Windows GUI.

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Other invalid names too.

by zzyp In reply to desktop folder named con

In addition to "con" (short for DOS Console) you cannot name a folder "nul" (short for Null), nor can you name it "prn" (abbreviation for printer). I assume there are some other reserved DOS names, but I don't remember them.
I should have read the other posts first, most were there.

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on my system it's not boxes, it's ...

by Consultant DaveA In reply to Windows Quirks

JAPANESE!!! Yes, I get Japanese characters in Notepad when I follow the directions given.

Does anyone else get something different than 'boxes'??

Dave A.

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I get slashes

by Com Works In reply to on my system it's not box ...

I don't get Japanese, but I get these |||||||

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by In reply to I get slashes

my notepad returns little squares. The reference to folders labelled prn and con are not really relevant since this is a purposeful behaviour trait of windows to preserve backward compatibility.

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