Windows RAM Problems!

Hi guys, my problem is that Windows uses too much RAM while in Idle. I have 16GB of ram and quite often it fills up to 99%. 60-80% RAM usage is quite often even just few tabs in the explorer are open This issue appears in win 7 and win 10. Thank you in advance:)

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Ram Usage

by Basie In reply to Windows RAM Problems!

Did you do a check of your startup programs. It could be that too many are running in the background. Though with 16G of ram you think that would be enough. I know from experience that my Windows 7 32 bit has a problem with ram usage. But my Windows 10 64 bit uses all of my 8G and rarely has that issue.

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by jordanmichael0909 In reply to Ram Usage

I've checked and there is not usage that can come close to 16GB The sum isn't close. The problem is the same in win 10. That is why i decided to try 7 again.

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Memory Leak

by TheChas In reply to Windows RAM Problems!

Best guess is that you have a memory leak.

Some application or process is not properly releasing the memory when it closes.

Unfortunately, the best cure for a memory leak is a clean system build.

You might get some relief with a good registry cleaner. My experience however is that while the registry cleaner can help, it tends to just give you a few more months or so before system performance deteriorates to the point where you have to start over with a clean drive.


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Solved for now :)

by jordanmichael0909 In reply to Windows RAM Problems!

Finally I fixed my problem simply by reinstalling windows and going back to win 10 
Even when I open few tabs both from firefox and chrome still no more than 3 gb of memory usage.
This problem is fixed but now audio problem rises with realtek codec not supporting dts in win 10 
Gonna swallow it and move forward 


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