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windows reg xp pro

By artanbori ·
hi i have bought a pc with win xp pro but it has been installed on fat32 which makes it run sooo slow

trouble is while i have the disk (xp pro) obviously wanted to keep the original registration - does anyone know how to translate the 20 digit number code as found in my computer back to letters so that i can reinstall??

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by Simon Beck In reply to windows reg xp pro

Use the convert command to convert the FAT partition to NTFS.

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umm don't think so cos ..

by artanbori In reply to

umm don't think so cos the c drive mitt all der goods is on the fat part innit? i mean you can convert fat to ntfs if it be clear of the gooodies but once you got the stuff on cos technically you just formatting in ntfs innit ???? unless things have changed since i was last on the pc - which is possible i guess ??

no i have to wipe and reinstall, but don't have the registration number / book cos didn't get it with the pc so would lose the xp and just wondered if it was possible to keep it somehow
thanks for replying by the way

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Finding windows product key

by geekspeaker In reply to umm don't think so cos ..

You can easily find the windows 25 character product key by using a free utility such as Belarc Advisor or find an archived copy of Aida32 or Everest Home. Run the utility, write down your key, then feel free to re-install Windows. Before you take the difficult route, though, you can convert your FAT32 drive to NTFS without losing any data or re-loading the entire OS. Windows will require a reboot to complete the conversion but the process is very easy. If you aren't sure how to start, just click Start, Help and Support, and search for 'convert NTFS'. The first topic which pops up is the one you want. Good luck.

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aww gee guys

by artanbori In reply to Finding windows product k ...

thanks so much - apologies to you simon beck

the page does say that the ntfs doesn't work so brilliant though so might give the belarc advisor a go - thanks again

by the way what exactly is the hotfix - a kind of cookie that saves basic info when talking to ms??

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convert should work

by w2ktechman In reply to aww gee guys

I have never had a bad experience with the convert command (but that was with NT4)
the command line was this
convert c: /FS:NTFS

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convert drive: /fs:ntfs does work

by Thorarinn In reply to umm don't think so cos ..

From Windows XP Help:
To convert a volume to NTFS from the command prompt:
1. Open the Command Prompt window.
2. In the command prompt window, type
convert drive_letter: /fs:ntfs

For example, typing convert /fs:ntfs would format drive with the ntfs format.


To open a command prompt, click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, and then click Command Prompt. You can convert FAT or FAT32 volumes to NTFS with this command.

I know it works, I've used the command on NT, 2K and XP volumes. Due to possible fragmentation of the MFT, a converted volume may not perform the same as one formatted with NTFS. You can probably measure this but I doubt you'd actually feel it.

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