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    Windows Registry errors


    by muchach1 ·

    Hi Folks , I have Norton Systems Works and every time I run OBC (one button checkup) it reveals 22 errors on Windows Registry. OBC procedes in fixing the errors, but every time I boot up these 22 errors always appear. I understand the registry is something that could disable your PC if you make a mistake with it. Should I leave well enough alone and live with it. I don’t seem to have any problems that I can see. Is there something I can do to permanently fix these errors?

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      Reply To: Windows Registry errors

      by jarrettc ·

      In reply to Windows Registry errors

      Registry cleaners/checkers are like many other optimizing programs out there, they vary from vendor to vendor and others will work where another one will fail. If these 22 errors are causing system problems then I would suggest trying another program to attempt to fix them.

      If your system is running fine then you can always ignore them.

      A great regcleaning utility is located at the link below, works best on Win9x or WinMe. archives/reg-cleaner4.3.htm

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      Reply To: Windows Registry errors

      by its_reflexed ·

      In reply to Windows Registry errors

      Go To Start/Run/
      Type In MSCONFIG

      Go To The TAB Startup

      And Untick All Startup Programs Then Run The OBC Again

      Also Are You Using NSW2003/2004 Fully Updated Because It May Need To Have The Latest Version Or Updates To Resolve Or Fix The Problem Or It May Be Something It Is Restricted To Fix

      But Try Using Registry Mechanic From


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