Windows Registry Fix Software

By gwebb2 ·
Windows Registry fix software. Do they really work?

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Yes and No

by TheChas In reply to Windows Registry Fix Soft ...

Do the registry repair software packages help by removing some of the errors in the registry? Yes.

Does any one package fix every error and not break some good registry keys? No.

Over the years, I have used several different registry cleaner and repair utilities. While they all help the system run better, all of them miss some errors. Worse yet, from time to time they will flag a key for removal that is critical for a program. Also, some of the keys that get flagged as bad are replaced the next time you boot Windows.

Nothing sets up your system better than performing a clean install of Windows followed by a careful and thoughtful install of your applications.

In fact, registry bloat is why you need to perform a clean install of Windows every few years. Once the registry becomes large enough, it slows down your system.

The best way to keep your registry clean is to exercise caution with software installations and program updates. While you can install an update for many programs and utilities, I have found that the registry is always cleaner when you uninstall the old version before installing the new. This is even more true when a new version of software installs into a different folder than the old version was installed in.

Back to your question, if you run a registry cleaner in it's safest mode, it is unlikely that any critical registry keys will be deleted by just the registry cleaner.


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I have to agree with The Chas

by Jacky Howe In reply to Windows Registry Fix Soft ...

The best way to repair a Registry is to reinstall the Operating System.
Over time as you add and remove programs Registry Keys get left in the Registry after the program has been removed. I haven't found a Registry Cleaner that will remove these orphand entries.
EXAMPLE: Norton 2005 left over 4000 entries in the Registry after it had been removed from the PC. I consider that to be sloppy and they don't seem to care about the end user and the problems that it may create.
If you are concerned about looking after the Registry use a Program like RegSnap to take a Snapshot of the Registry before you install the Software and another after it is installed. You can then compare the files and see what and where the entries have been added to the Registry. If you uninstall the software you can take another snapshot and compare that to the one that you took when you installed it. You can then manually navigate the Registry and remove the left over Keys. It is a **** of a lot of work and a lot quicker to do a Reinstall of the Operating System.
Some Registry Cleaners will help clean it up but not remove all errors.

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