Windows restarting

By Nikghost123 ·
I ran an anti virus scan on saturday and i allowed my computer to shut down as it completed, now yesterday i switched my computer on as usual but my desktop icons and taskbar didn't load, so i opened up the task manager and started a new task>explorer.exe but still it didn't work.

so i inserted the Win xp disc and tried to repair it, but now it doesn't start, it just keeps on restarting just as the Windows logo appears. and it also does this in safe mode, meaning i cannot boot into safe mode, please help

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execute a check disk

by databaseben In reply to Windows restarting

try booting the repair / recovery console via the cd. then execute a check disk at the disk prompt. afterwards reboot, remove cd and see if the system loads up.

btw: the check disk help command will provide a list of additional options to run with the command:

chkdsk /?

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You may need to do an inplace install.

by Slayer_ In reply to Windows restarting

You can rerun the XP install overtop of your existing install. All your files will remain but all your programs will need to be reinstalled.
Files in your my documents folder may disappear, but should still be located somewhere in C:\documents and settings.

This should only be a last resort.

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How sure are you it really was a 'real' antivirus program?

by therealjunkman In reply to Windows restarting

This behavior sounds suspiciously like some of the bogus 'antimalware' floating around, or offering 'free' scans, or to be installed, then, they disable any legit anti virus or other anti whatever, and put them-self in place of the real thing. It can be very hard to repair, And save your files, once one of these has gotten a firm grip on your OS. I've had to buy a new HD, reinstall a 'clean' Windows, and then use a USB device to retrieve my files from the first hard drive. Since I'm not running Windows FROM that drive, I can usually get around the malware. My files are usually still there somewhere. Not always! But usually. There are devices that allow you to connect up a desktop or laptop hard drive as a USB device for a few bucks. (AKA: Cheap) It's saved my, (My daughters, actually) butts more than once, and was well worth the small expense. (They can come in handy for many other reasons as well... It's a cheap way to add extra storage from that old hard drive you have laying around. Not pretty, or slick looking, but they work. I use a generic one that works with ANY drive, even a DVD burner, so my youngest can easily watch DVD's on her netbook, which came without an optical drive) Double check that 'antivirus program', have you used it before? Did you BUY it? Do they have a hotline help line? Call it if so! Good luck.

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Sounds like the AV scan

by Charles Bundy In reply to Windows restarting

Ate an important OS file. I'd follow Slayer_'s advice and remember do not format your hard drive!

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