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Windows Scandisk Deleting Orphaned Files

By AdrianFrost ·
When booting a Windows XP machine and the system runs the WinXP DOS equivalent of scandisk my drives check out fine until scandisk begins to start deleting something called an orphaned file, looks similar to this

Deleting Orphaned File 13548
Deleting Orphaned File 13549
Deleting Orphaned File 13550
Deleting Orphaned File 13521

Now it actually deletes files on the drive as when I return to windows is when finally realise the files are missing or a window appears saying the files are corrupted. Anyway to reverse this process or even stop it happening? What is an orphaned file anyway?

I have tried reformatting the disk, and I?ve read reviews of others having the same problem, can anyone shed some light on this situation.

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by pierrejamme In reply to Windows Scandisk Deleting ...

Found a similar problem at:
no answers yet, you might want to track.
I also found this regarding "Clean Sweep:
"One final tip. Keep SafetySweep on until you're familiar with CleanSweep. That's a function found under

"Configure CleanSweep" also under the "Options" tab. It prevents CleanSweep from deleting anything that is necessary for the smooth running of your computer. When it is off, some items can be flagged for possible deletion. "
do you have Clean Sweep?
Or possibly you have "Uneccessary files" program?
I would uncheck everything in your startup folder with MSCONFIG and see if the "Deleting Orphaned files" stops.

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