Windows Server 2000 remote connectivity problems

By fleitas ·

A client in south Florida is running a Server 2000 and SBS 2003 and they need to allow a 3rd party software company to access the client server to provide updates to their software. The domain is configured with a VPN between the clinic and a home office. Each node obviously has its own router.

The 3rd party software company was given an AD user profile which is on both the Server 2000 and the SBS 2003 with

1) domain admin
2) domain users
3) remote desktop user permissions.

I have provided the 3rd party software company with the router address for the server at the clinic (which is where their software is located) and they are unable to connect. What am I missing?

Thanks in adavnce for your help.

Best wishes and Happy New Year!!!


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A little more info please

by bart777 In reply to Windows Server 2000 remot ...

What is the error?
Is port 3389 on the router forwarded to the server?
Can you connect to the server internally using the account that you created?

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More data

by fleitas In reply to A little more info please

Thanks for the quick response...

I have gone into the router (a netopia 3347NWG) and cant find a port option.

I also can not connect internally using RDC

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Internal first

by bart777 In reply to More data

You'll need to verify that the server can be accessed via terminal services. If this is the SBS you can get to it from the My Computer properties. Jsut like you would on XP you activate RDP and assign users to the group. If it's the 2000 box it should work internally already. Verify that YOU can connect via RDC and then look at the account for the vendor. Make sure they are in the remote desktop group on the server in question.

Once you can get there internally we can attack the external connection.

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Internal Solved

by fleitas In reply to Internal first

OK, got account to log into the 2000 from the SBS using the vendor account

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Ok, now external.

by bart777 In reply to Internal Solved

There must be a way in that router to forward traffic from certian ports to an internal address. I'm not familiar with that model so it a take a bit digging to find it. You'll be looking for Port Forwarding, or NAT translation, or IP Maps. There MSUT be something in there to do this. I haven't found one yet that doesn't have some way to configure this.

Once you've got it you will tell the firewall to forward port 3389 to the Terminal server's internal IP address.

If that doesn't work we'll look for another solution.

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Will Do

by fleitas In reply to Ok, now external.

Sorry I fell off the map, but had to go to another client and got tied up. Will do so this morning and repost. Thanks for all your help. Happy New Year.

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