Windows Server 2000 Security

By darren ·
Hi Folks,

I have inherited a network from someone else. It is Windows Server 2000 with SP4.

It is currently a file server to 6 PC's running Windows XP/Vista.

Currently and for the last two years there appears to have been no antivirus protection on this unit.

The owner of the server and the person who installed the server are under the impression as long as it doesn't go on the internet then there will be no problems.

You know when sometimes you doubt yourself and you need reassurance. Well this is that time.
Am i missing something or what?

Surely this machine needs some protection.

Port 80 is open on the router to the server and the availability on the network drives is set to allow access with a password.

Having a conversation with the guy who set it up he was under the impression that if i stop internet traffic by stopping port 80 that should stop any threats from getting access to the machine. Im not so sure.

Any advice on stopping all traffic getting to the server apart from local network traffic to allow safe use of files and folders.

IE end result we want a file server that can look after files and deal with backups. But being secure and without the need for spending out on anti-virus????

Or should i advise to spend out and get some protection. <this is where i would put my money>

I don't have a great deal of experience with Windows Server 2000 but am competent enough to know my way around it.

Any advice gratefully received.


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It's still vunerable

by sidekick In reply to Windows Server 2000 Secur ...

I would definitely get some protection on that for the following reasons:

1. If a virus gets onto another computer on the network, the server can get infected.

2. A virus could come in on an infected USB drive. No internet needed.

3. That server can be accessed by the internet. In fact, I would say that you should not have your file server also hosting an internet accessible website. If you need to host a website, I suggest having the web server and the file server on two different machines, and having the web server in a DMZ. If you don't need to have access to that server from the outside, definitely shut off the access through the router.

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Thank you

by darren In reply to It's still vunerable

Exactly what i thought.

Having the owner and the guy who set it up tell me it would be OK made me question myself. Im having one of those weeks that really get you down :-(

Also the companies website is hosted elsewhere. Not on the file server.

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