Windows Server 2003

By kvega777 ·
I somehow changed the boot sequence and now cannot get my system to boot to Windows. I have gone into CMOS and the CD/DVD drive is the primary boot and I've tried to change it to the hard drive. I can go into BIOS and change it but when I re-boot it is still looking for the CD which I can't locate. How can I change the boot sequence in CMOS so it will boot from the hard drive? This is driving me crazy. Any suggestions would be great.

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Are you sure

by IC-IT In reply to Windows Server 2003

that your hard drive is being recognized by the BIOS? Verify that! Normally if the CD-ROM is first and there is not a cd in it will check the next boot device.
Should the HD not be present, pop open the case and verify that the cables are secure.
Try to power on the system (case still open) and listen for any sign that the HD is spinning up.

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Did you save the settings? :)

by Jacky Howe In reply to Windows Server 2003

If it is an AMI Bios select the Hard Drive by highlighting it and press -

If it is an Award Bios follow the steps below but set C:

If it is a Phoenix Bios

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