Windows Server 2003

By luissal ·
Is there a easy way to transfer old HD w/winserver 2003 to new HD.
Drive Image doesnt work
and all the solutions out there are $599 +
Can some one help? ghost will work?

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Norton Ghost 2003

by bcpgm In reply to Windows Server 2003

Norton Ghost 2003 (or Symantec Ghost will do the job.

Symantec officially does not support the ghosting of Windows Server. However, it may be used for backup but not deploying purpose.

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by stuart In reply to Windows Server 2003

Try ghost solution suite 2.0. It is for server 2003. It only costs $29 dollars for a full working copy from Symantec. I am going to try it out this week, when my new hard drive comes in.

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know of a tool

by huoml In reply to hi

that worked on XP. Don't know if it will work on server.

Had a friend who used truimage to trnasfer exisiting XP install to a new bigger capacity drive without XP being broke.

It was free to try w/o being 'crippled'.

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Solution Suite

by completecs In reply to hi

I do not believe Solution Suite is for cloning Windows 2003 Server. Windows 2003 Server is used to deploy the saved images.

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Too many unknowns

by Kenone In reply to Windows Server 2003

What do you have? Is it just an IDE drive with the OS installed or is it scsi or are you working with raid? If it is just a single disk that you want to copy and not part of an array just plug it in as the master, make your new disk the slave, boot off of a ghost disk and do a disk to disk copy.

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