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windows server 2003

By lcollins ·
When I try map the network drives on my winodws 2003 server I originally recieved a login promp to the server which worked for 28 of my users who can succesfully use the drives, however with two users I just get access denied no login prompt! how can i retrieve a log in box when i try connect to the drive.

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by adembo In reply to windows server 2003

Depending on how you initiate the mapping... either using net use or using the gui to map the drive.... If using the GUI, goto windows explorer and select "Tools" and "Map Network Drive". Type you path and the like, then click on the link that says "Connect using a different user name". This will give you a prompt.

I think you are having access rights issues on your files. You should not have to have users authenticate if you have your rights setup properly on the folders. On the folders you want to allow access to, do you have Authenticated Users with permission? Sever 2003 will only have admins with access by default.

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by jm In reply to windows server 2003

For some reason these two machines may have connected to the server using different user name, and gotten locked out. Once the server thinks you are using a certain login name it will stick with that until you choose 'login under different user ID' as explained above. It's unclear whether you are using domain accounts; if not then it really helps to make sure the user local account name matches the account name you set up on the server.

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by lcollins In reply to windows server 2003

no domain controller this network is a workgroup which sucks. but it works, so... thanks your help i resolved the issue. permissions are great before hand our NAS had no external access and anyone could get into any folder it was silly. good job i joined the company.

Cheers guys

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