Windows Server 2003 and with 2 NIC, 1 for my nwtwork and 1 for my cable mod

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I'm running a windows server 2003 as file server, domain controller, dns and dhcp, my network range of ip is 10.0.0.xx everything works fine, I had a adsl modem and i were able to disable dhcp and enter my own ip settings on it, now I got a cable modem with a static ip 206.126.120.xx, I connected to another nic on my server and I'm getting internet on my server, how do I bridge or link and that the other pcs on my metwork connectto the internet through the other nic

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Windows 2003 is not a good router

by robo_dev In reply to Windows Server 2003 and w ...

Your best best is to get a dual-wan hardware router. Netgear makes one, and there are many others.

The routing capability of Windows 2003 is very very cannot do simple things like load sharing, nor can it do failover between WAN connections.

Since you can only have one default gateway in a PC, the only way to make your PCs connect to the Internet thru the other nic by changing the proxy settings in their Web browser to use the new gateway address. You would also need a static route in each workstation to get from the 10.x network to the 206.x network. You may also need to setup another DNS instance on the server to make this work.

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same problem

by a.kandil In reply to Windows Server 2003 and w ...

hello, i have almost the same problem and i wonder if you have found a better solution than u recieved here?

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