Windows Server 2003 behind router

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Hi all,

I'm playing around with my server 2003 at home and trying to configure it as a domain controller with one nic card but I cannot connect to the internet after I promote the server as a domain controller and configure DNS server with forward look up zone. Below is my current home network configuration.

ISP --> Cable Modem --> Router --> Windows Server 2003.
Thanks for your help.

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Server 2003 by default blocks all internet traffic except to

by Dumphrey In reply to Windows Server 2003 behin ...

pages explicitly allowed. This can be disabled in server manager.

The next issue would be DNS set up. You need to ensure your ISP DNS server (or other public DNS server) is configured as the forwarder in DNS for your server.

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DNS server configure with forwarder

by hhas4pnt In reply to Server 2003 by default bl ...

Thanks for a quick response.

I give my network card a static ip under TCP/IP and point the DNS to this IP. I used my ISP dns IP when configured my forwarder under DNS server. Do I need to turn off DHCP on my router and configure DHCP on my server? I only have 4 pcs connect to my server.

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Configure Windows Server 2003 as a domain controller

More here:

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