Windows server 2003 crashed

By stephen.moran ·
We have a server which runs windows server 2003 its used to host a major oracle database. yesterday we noticed it was unresponsive and had to be rebooted.
the eventviewer had the following errors:
eventid:2019 source:srv desc: The server was unable to allocate from the system nonpage pool because the pool was empty

then a eventid: 59 source:sidebyside descr: insuffient system resources to complete the requested service

the last event which was the start of the system crash was eventid: 333 source: applicantion popup desc: An i/o operation instated by the registry failed unrecoverably, the registry could not read in, write out ,or flush one of the files that contained the image of the registry?

has anyone got any ideas to the issue as we cannot have it fail again. The server had its desktop witout any icons of explorer when we noticed it.

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performance monitor

by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to Windows server 2003 crash ...

Are you checking on memory leaks, page faults etc on said server ?
are you using performance monitor to monitor it ?

did you check the eventviewer also on items after the reboot ?

here's a link with some eventid 2019 from MS.

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sounds like you may need more memory

by oldbaritone In reply to Windows server 2003 crash ...

the "nonpage pool" is memory. If "the pool was empty" either you may need to add more memory, or change allocations for memory usage.

Have you called Oracle and asked them about this error?

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