Windows Server 2003 Disconnects at least 3x daily

By ervee04 ·
We have a network server that has about 30 users, just recently it starts to disconnect users from the network (ie. people cannot access the drives and the files that are shared from the server). I tried restarting DHCP but the option under All task is disabled. When I go to the users computer and check ipconfig it gives me the correct specs, same as with the server.

Any ideas?

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Event Logs

by BFilmFan In reply to Windows Server 2003 Disco ...

What events are being posted in the event logs?

Is this server getting the IP address from DHCP? That is a really bad idea. Servers should have permanent IP addresses.

How is the server licensed?

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Re: Event Logs

by ervee04 In reply to Event Logs

my server has a static IP, its the users that gets the IP from DHCP

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Could be...

by Wizard-09 In reply to Re: Event Logs

A number of things as stated check the eventvwr, i would check the network cable, try the network cable on another port on the switch or test the port on the switch that the server is connected to.

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See if this is of any help

by Jacky Howe In reply to Windows Server 2003 Disco ...

Look at the power saving on the network cards and make sure that it is disabled.

Advanced network adapter troubleshooting for Windows workstations

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by philldmc In reply to Windows Server 2003 Disco ...

What are you using for DNS? See if you can do a NSlookup or ping by IP address then by name from a workstation.

Do this when the communication fails.

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Found the solution

by ervee04 In reply to Windows Server 2003 Disco ...

didn't expect it to be this, but the server has been stable for more than a day now.

still monitoring it though but it was the spoolsv.exe that was causing it to crash every 6 hours. NP pool on Windows 2003 x86 systems has limit 256 MB and spoolsv.exe was rising very fast from 96MB to 112MB in less than 1 hour.

We added a new network printer and some users printed on the old one which was no longer on the network.

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