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Windows Server 2003 DNS Setting

By Jimmy Chan 1979 ·
Hi all,

After readed some book about DNS Server, now I try to make one, but I am feeling confuse after I need host multi domain with only one IP on the same server.

So, now I capture the screen of the DNS setting on my two domain, if I setting wrong, hope who can correct me.

My main Domain Name server's host name is ns1. it only one IP

And I have two domain name now. One is, the other is

Here are my first setting of the main domain

I don't know which one is the correct setting, here are the same setting, but with ALL IP

Compare with the maindnssetting001.JPG and maindnssetting002.JPG, I am confuse on here, if only one IP on my case, using maindnssetting001.JPG is setting right or maindnssetting002.JPG is the right setting?

Here are the main domain's Reverse Zones for the IP 192.168.0.x

Second domain of setting

if the also host other domain on the same DNS server, like above screen capture, host the at the same DNS Server. On my case, only one IP, which one setting is right? subdnssetting001.JPG or subdnssetting002.JPG

After anyone give me a explain or real example, I can using his/her example to host other domain at the same DNS server with ONE IP.

Thank for your time.

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by CG IT In reply to Windows Server 2003 DNS S ...

are you hosting DNS services? or are you hosting web sites? it appears your trying to host multiple web sites with 1 IP address and you configure this in IIS.

In DNS you create a zone for the namespace and authorize that zone. Then create records that map name to the IP address.

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by CG IT In reply to

name servers that will resolve FQDNs publically have to be listed with the domain registrar as authoritative for the domain name. All domain registrars have name servers (NS servers) which by default map the domain name to their IP address. If you want to use different name servers you have to specify the authoritative name servers to be used for the domain name. Just creating your own name server for the domain name you bought own doesn't cut it.

So for each domain name you will be hosting, your name server must be listed as authoritative for the domain name with the domain name registrar [the service from which the domain name was purchased from]. Next is static IP addresses. To host a name server it's best to have a static public IP address issued by the ISP. Dynamic IP address from the ISP changes so you'll have to change the records in DNS for every domain name you host every time your dynamically assigned IP address changes.

To host multiple web sites with 1 IP address, in IIS you use host headers. see;en-us;190008

though the article is for IIS 5.0 it applies to IIS 6.0 as well.

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by CG IT In reply to

to have your DNS server resolve names for more than 1 domain name, you must create zones for the domain namespace, then create the records for each zone. a zone encompasses a contiguous domain name space.

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by CG IT In reply to

example: and these are not contiguous name spaces therefore in DNS you would have 2 zones. is 1 and is the second one. both have DNS records which indicate that is IP address umpity ump and is IP address umpity ump (doesn't matter if the IP address is the same)DNS is then autorized to be authoritative for the zone which includes all child domains in the contiguous name space Microsoft, and authorized as authoritative for the zone and all child domains in the contiguous name space MSN

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by Jimmy Chan 1979 In reply to Windows Server 2003 DNS S ...


I actually do both service, this server is for DNS, multi web site with one IP, E-mail, pop, ftp

So it is why I ask the questions here, since I am new in this, and here are my first IT job.

My company only me hold the diploma in electronic engineering, but all know that, it is not teach you MCSE, so ..... I am confuse do my setting is wrong or correct ...

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by Jimmy Chan 1979 In reply to Windows Server 2003 DNS S ...


thx for your reply, now in IIS 6.0 I know using the header to host multi domain.

And you see my screen capture .... I just want to know my setting which one is right on the screen capture...

The are the two zone in DNS, of couse, I also change the domain where I buy from to add this "" NS from the web site's interface ...

But I don't know the zone setting on my DNS server, using CNAME or all using IP one is the right.

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Your settings are OK

by ignas In reply to

Actualy both your settings are OK. However both are going to make the job u need, they need to comply some regulations and rules.

Any DNS checkers on Internet and they will show u your mistakes. Exm:

or use NSLOOKUP tool to check other domains to see how they are made.

My practice is to use only one A record for one IP, and CNAME's for rest of records. However your mail records should always be A records.

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