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Windows Server 2003 DNS Setup.. HELP!?

By metsfan421 ·
I have a client who needs DNS setup. They are running their internet through a DSL router/modem. One of the machines on the network (there are only 3, plus the server) takes a very long time to login to the domain with issues such as the taskbar taking 5 mins to load before you can actually click Start, ect. I figured turning the DC into a DNS Server would make the login times to the network a lot faster. To setup the server as a DNS server and still have all PC's be able to access the internet, I know I need to know which IP Address is used for the ISP DNS Servers, but I am not sure where to enter that under the DNS configuration in Windows Server 2003. I can get into the config, but am a little cloudy when trying to figure out where to enter this information so that all clients behind the server can access the internet. Also i would just have to point the client machines to the Windows 2003 Server for their DNS after this right? Any help would be appreciated, especially step by step...


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by lowlands In reply to Windows Server 2003 DNS S ...

Configure all your internal PC's with the ip address of your 2003 DNS Server.

Set up the 2003 DNS server to forward request for "All Other Domains" to your ISP's DNS.
To do this, select properties for your DNS server in mmc, go to Forwarders tab and add IP(s) for ISP dns.

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by qhcomputingny In reply to Windows Server 2003 DNS S ...

It's as easy as that?

Anything else I should do?

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by ~Omega~ In reply to Windows Server 2003 DNS S ...

Like previous post said, DNS forwarders

Best Method:
Setup DHCP with network specifics for the LAN. DNS server should have static IP.
DHCP mmc>server>New scope
1. Scope Name
2. IP Range / Subnet Mask
3. Add exclusion for your DSL router and DNS server (or create the scope with those addresses out of the range)
5. Set your lease duration, as appropriate
6. Use default "configure options now"
7. Enter DSL router for router info
8. Add win2k3 server as DNS server
9. Finish scope out as appropriate
10. Advanced Tab on Server Properties sheet in DHCP mmc, setup credentials
11. Authorize Server from server menu

DNS mmc>server>forwarders>properties:
1. Add DNS servers from your DSL router configuration
2. Update server files (from server right-click menu)
3. Clear Cache

Setup clients to use DHCP, good idea to ipconfig /flushdns

This would be a good time to run DCDIAG and NETDIAG to make sure everything in DNS looks clean. They are available from "Server Tools" located on server cd\SUPPORT\TOOLS\SUPTOOLS.MSI

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by CG IT In reply to Windows Server 2003 DNS S ...

Lowland, Subway and Brent are right provided that you have an existing DNS running on the network.

Sounds like you don't have a DNS server currently running.

Need that clarification.

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by rkuhn In reply to Windows Server 2003 DNS S ...

Omega is right with the best method, however, if you are just lazy and want a quick fix, have all clients hit the server for DNS.

Have the server hit itself for DNS. It will fail to lookup anything other than what you have entered for the local subnet.

Once it fails, it will forward all requests to the router. Most routers have a field to enter in the ISP's DNS servers. Done.

That's how my home network is setup. Yeah, not the best but is the fastest and lazy way. Sure, might take an extra 1/10 second to resolve though.

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by qhcomputingny In reply to Windows Server 2003 DNS S ...

I am trying to setup DNS on the server, it's on the server, but hasn't been fully configured.

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by NI70 In reply to Windows Server 2003 DNS S ...

One simple and quick way to find out your ISP's DNS IP addresses is to connect a computer directly to your DSL and then from a command prompt type c:\ipconfig /all

Which will display the DNS servers in the Ethernet portion of your IP configuration. Add the DNS IPs to your DHCP server, assuming you're using DHCP for your network.

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by lamczyknic3000 In reply to Windows Server 2003 DNS S ...

the isp most likely will not give you their dns ip addresses because that poses a security issue for them

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