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Windows Server 2003 Domain Access via Client

By jaron22 ·
I recently joined a new startup company that didnt have any backups, and fortunately for me and them they didnt have neither any electronic form, nor paper documentation of their servers' setup or configuration files. Recently our MS-SQL 2005 server ran out of space (yes, it was installed on our meazzley 25BG OS partition... lovely right?) and it crashed our DC. Now I am tasked with rebuilding it from NOTHING. I managed to get the documentation of our IP schema, DNS information, and backed up our databases, and user profiles, etc. The thing is - now I have reloaded the server, and I have two issues.

1) My client machines, all but my workstation wont connect to the new domain. I added mine by locally re-adding it to the domain, the others wont seem to connect.

2) Our second server, which is our IIS/Apps/File server is seen on our DC - but when I try to access it over the network, it gives me "\\Sei-Srvr2 is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have permissions." I have already added it to the domain, and cant think of what else to do. It doesnt have a unique user name, they both use the name administrator, any clues?

All help appreciated. Again, we use MS SBS 2003 on our DC, and 2nd server running the apps, IIS, and file server, is MS Win Serv2003 - thanks all!

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