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Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition

By colls7914 ·
Hi There!

We've just installed a Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Ed domain controller to our network and configured it as a file server. We have about 100 users. The file server is very slow in responding to requests from our users (file read/write, playing voice files, browsing for the shared files, etc...). We've already tuned the server like configuring the TcpAckFrequency, PagedPoolSize, etc...

The Server Specs is as follows:
Intel XEON 2.8Ghz
1GB Memory
3x146.8GB SCSI Drive configured to RAID 5

Performance monitor indicates that there is no bottleneck in memory, processor, NIC, hard disks.

Any ideas???

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oh boy...

by R3D In reply to Windows Server 2003 Enter ...

I haven't setup W2K3 yet, but here are a few things that can hose it up a bit:

virus (duh) lol, Welchia is a pain...
IE cache size (too big)
spyware (try Adaware to clean)
files are compressed
-this kills defrag and takes time to decompress.
chkdsk c:
defrag (not likely)
regclean (not much help though)
unneeded processes running
unneeded services running
adjust performance for fileserver
clients to server are ntfs to ntfs
-conversion takes time also, but not much.
anti virus scanning (dont change)
check all cache settings
make sure all profiles are below 40mb or so...
delete temp folders
trace route to check times, or ping
check LAN settings in IE
local Firewall on server OFF
Q822219 in MSKB
Indexing Services enabled
this is not a DC, right? see MSKB Q321543

May be client problems with any of the above too.

Good luck!


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still slow...

by colls7914 In reply to oh boy...

BTW, this is a DC and also there's arcserve backup software installed. Tried updating the Open File Agent but still the server is slow... The server has no internet connection... Anymore ideas?


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Slow Me Too!

by johnh In reply to still slow...

Intel SE7520AF2 motherboard SRCU42X raid controller. 36 Hours of work, investigation...

What I found... if you are using this Raid Controller, put in 512MB ECC memory Set the card to Cache I/O, Write Back, Read Ahead. U320 SCSI 10k Barracuda drives. Best I've gotten...

Buff Read 400MB
Seq Read 148MB
Random " 60MB
Buff Write 234MB
Seq Write 73MB
Ran Write 70MB

When setting up controller bios specify 128K Stripe size.

Let me know if you find soloutions, I am pulling my hair out.

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