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    Windows Server 2003 Group Policies don’t work. HELP!


    by lfmasieri ·

    I have tried everything but the policies dont apply, I give the policy to a user by the name Josh and when I go to another PC and logon as Josh it won’t apply the policies I putted on the Server… I’m running this server on Virtual PC 2007 and I don’t know if this is the problem but I dont think so. I have refreshed the GP GPUpdate and dont work. I have also applied the policies to the admin and it wont apply. I created the GPO, modify it and then created a new organizatiobnal unit and then I linked the GPO I created, after that I added the user and clicked on enforce policy, but still dont work, I reseted the Domain and still dont work.

    UPDATE: I realized that if I link the GPO directluy to my domain it works, but if I link it to a new organizational unit, it wont work. Also, If i post the restriction for admin it work on the server but if I logon on another pc it doesn’t apply

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