Windows Server 2003 Image

By kiranchinnu ·
Hi all ,

I have taken image of windows server 2003 which is ml310 G3 on Raid 1+0 on smart array 642 using pargon Drive Copy 10 Server .

I have deployed the image to ml350 g3 with smart array 641. Was able to deploy it however when i start the server , it starts boots and windows server 2003 logo comes and then restarts... its going in loop.

I have tired to inject the drivers accordingly which says they are succesfully however still server restarts automatically .

any solutions pls.

I dont want to buy expensive software as this is just for only one server and only used in DR scenario.

I am ready to spend couple of hundered pounds for this software.

Pls suggest me a nice imaging software.

Regards and thx in advance.

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If you are imaging for deployment,

by seanferd In reply to Windows Server 2003 Image

the machines on which you wish to deploy the image have to have the same hardware as the machine you imaged. I would suggest installing rather than attempting to deploy an image. There will be, at least, a differential in the drivers required.

How are you injecting the drivers? Can you install them from Safe Mode? Generally, in your situation, the very first boot of the machine should be into Safe Mode to install the drivers. You could try re-imaging and going to Safe Mode on first boot.

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The 'inject the driver' part has me worried.

by robo_dev In reply to Windows Server 2003 Image

that's like the doctor saying 'this may hurt a tiny bit'.

Unless the two raid controllers are 100% identical, all bets are off and the boot will fail and loop endlessly.

When you say 'inject the drivers', what does that mean?

Have you tried booting in safe mode or interactive mode?

While I would bet a case of Irish whiskey that the RAID controller version is at fault, it may be some other hardware driver that's different between your two servers.

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If it's a different RAID Controller

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows Server 2003 Image

Have you tried a Repair Install of Windows 2003?

If it's an absolutely identical RAID Controller you'll need to set the second RAID controller at the Hardware Level exactly the same as the first one is set.


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two different raid controller

by kiranchinnu In reply to If it's a different RAID ...

Sorry guys , one raid controller is smart array642(orginal server) ,other is smart array 641(deployment server)

sorry for the confusion. I will all ur suggestion and will post back.

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OK as it's a different RAID Controller

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to two different raid contro ...

You need to do a Repair Install, though I think that M$ call this a In Place Upgrade Install. So you can configure the RAID Controller on the second system correctly.


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