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    windows server 2003 install issue


    by will ·

    MY situation is as follows:

    I had Windows XP SP2 loaded onto my computer , I partitioned the
    drive to allow seperate drives for XP, my applications and general

    I want to set up a dual boot fopr server 2003.

    I booted off the server 2003 disk.

    It freezes the sreen before the R recovery screen.

    I have taken XP off of the machine and tried a clean install with 2003.
    It still freezes before the recovery screen.
    I purcahsed another HD to load it on and the issue is still there.

    I can not work out what is going on. I tried the disc on another
    computer and it loaded as necessary.

    Any Ideas?


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      by will ·

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      CPU, Ram, Video, Drive, MB

      by tg2 ·

      In reply to windows server 2003 install issue

      CPU, Ram, Video, Drive, MB … the installer doesn’t like one or the combination of them.

      Since pc’s are fairly generic these days, bios issues, ram, and cpu are common. With CPU issues you might expect the “unexpected” and I would suspect it to do something other than “freeze” every time. Plus you should have seen something with XP.

      Bios options and updates would be first suspect, try loading the defaults, try loading the “safe” settings if it has them. Get updates if available, look on line using the common motherboard part number for any issues with windows server (ie. re-search the net/google/s.engine, using the motherboard name/model with “lockup freeze windows server” or some such)

      Ram and Video could easily be culprits and during boot the cd’s do try to load drivers, so that could be the issue there, or perhaps specific chipset drivers. If you have the option to swap parts, start with video, then ram, half ram, etc.

      If that fails, you’re back to motherboard and CPU themselves … sometimes there are compatibility issues. Slowing down ram, combined with not enabling SmartHDD options and disabling all ACPI functions (some ACPI functions are not labeled so just “disable” acpi doesn’t diable all of it)

      Pick a path, change one thing at a time.. lather rinse repeat..

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        Thanks TG2

        by will ·

        In reply to CPU, Ram, Video, Drive, MB

        Could it be that the mother board dosent support server
        2003. On the first page of my install OS in the mother b
        manual it says that this mb supports win 2000, xp/64 bit xp
        /vista OS.

        Mmmm does that mean that I in fsact need another mother?
        my MB is a P5B-Plus series MB?


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