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    Windows Server 2003 Internet Issues


    by kyle.baker ·

    After installing Active Directory and DNS on our new 2003 server we hooked it’s router up to the network to provide internet access for downloading windows updates.

    With the first round of updates it downloaded it asked to restart. After the restart it refused to connect to the internet again.

    We tried booting with it disconnected from the internet and then plugging back in. Booting disconnected from the router and plugging back in. Booting with everything disconnected from the router resetting the router and plugging everything back in with the internet being plugged in last.

    With none of that working we tried manually setting the DNS server for it to look for, for internet and manually setting the IPs on the two NICs to and both with default gate way and subnet mask still with no luck.

    Any ideas on how to get this server back on the internet. We can’t connect it to the main part of the network as it’s being built to replace the current server and for that server to be reconfigured into a mail server.

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