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Windows Server 2003 license pack question

By carlos ·
We purchased a 5 user Windows Server 2003 License Pack from ebay. It came sealed, but when we opened it for the activation key, it had none, just the license agreement? Is this normal? How do you activate it without an activation key?


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That's what you get for buying software from eBay

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Windows Server 2003 licen ...

Your product is supposed to come with product activation keys, even if it's a volume license pack. You will need to contact Microsoft and give them them product ID from your software box or the batch number printed on the inner ring of the CD media to get legitimate activation keys, but you will have one **** of a time convincing their licensing dept that you purchased a genuine copy of Windows 2003 and not a pirated copy. Normally, when one purchases a VLK pack from Microsoft, the buyer gets an email from Microsoft with a link to their licensing website and the product activation keys needed to install the copies. You can get valid keys to install your Windows 2003 software, but realize that when you go to activate it on Microsoft's site, Microsoft may blacklist your copy because the cd-key you used is already registered and activated with them, constituting piracy.

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Its a sealed box

by carlos In reply to That's what you get for b ...

It has no cd.

This is what the guy replied when I asked him about the activaction key.

"Hello, Can you tell me what you purchased them for? I suspect that you may havepurchased these items item in error; you may need something else. R18-00907 CAL packs are for Windows 2003, which do not contain activationcodes. CAL packs for SBS 2003 or Terminal Server 2003 do containactivation codes, but are completely different items."

Is this true?

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Ask for a refund if they can't explain it

by CG IT In reply to Its a sealed box

here's a link:

Read the whole technet article on Licensing [including enterprise licensing . The link only brings you to other links.

you increase the # of licenses on the licensing server to the # you bought. It's a number increase which adds to the pool users draw on. The guy is right about Terminal Services and SBS which do require adding in product codes.

First try to increase the # of CALs currently on your server by the # you purchased though the license service in control panel. That way you'll have a better understanding of what you need.

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Just Curious

by Jacky Howe In reply to Windows Server 2003 licen ...

did it come with a tracking ID which is a 14 digit number?

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tracking number

by carlos In reply to Just Curious

It comes with an 18 digit number starting with 00 underneath the barcode.

That is the only number that changes between both packs. one ends in 29, the other in 30.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to tracking number

had the run around when i purchased 5 cal's a while back. The company that i was dealing with ordered the wrong pack but wouldn't admit it. It took me a month to get it sorted out. I had a 14 digit tracking ID that no one could work out what it was for even M$ couldn't tell me.

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I know

by carlos In reply to I

yeah, it is complicated with all these licensing requirements from Microsoft.

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