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Windows Server 2003, Linux, zOS and OS/390

By james.chau ·
I am constantly amazed by the myriads of people looking only at Windows and Linux but never at zOS and OS/390, these two platforms execute 70% or more of today's business applications and data, the realization that these platforms are not going away is increasing dramatically, if you stop and think for a minute, web services should be deployed to expose the most powerful enterprise functionalities only, and those are residing, and would probably start to multiply pretty soon, on zOS and OS/390 platforms, yet the number of people conversant with these platforms are very scarce (exception being the farsighted and far more numerous and aggressive Eastern technogy factions). Tne notion of distributed computing does have its own boundaries, perhaps it is about time the IT budget stakeholders begin to realize the true values of these platforms to the enterprises.

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Are you also amazed

by LordInfidel In reply to Windows Server 2003, Linu ...

At the price tag and the fact that the small-medium sized business's has no need for mainframe computing? It's simply either overkill for them or just way out of their reach.

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From my experience I'd have a better chance

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Windows Server 2003, Linu ...

Of getting my customers to buy an Auto Tape Loader than going with the mainframe option. But then again I mostly deal with small to medium business who are willing to buy what is required within a set budget and any of the OS's that you have mentioned are well outside this budget.

With the bigger companies who maybe could afford this type of thing you first have to break the pack mentality to get them to move from anything Microsoft as they have the mistaken belief that only M$ makes OS's and everything else is just a "Bit Player" in the market place which must be treated with caution.


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