Windows Server 2003 Logon script

By dhegner ·
Does any-one know of a central repository where I can get a list of all valid system logon commands?

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I think you are confused or I am

by faradhi In reply to Windows Server 2003 Logon ...

A login script is just that, a script that is launched at login.

Usually this is a command shell script (DOS batch file), vb script or J script. However, I believe that it can be any scripting language as long as the client has the interpreter.

Of course, I may be just misunderstanding the question. Which probably means it is in plain english and since I live in the south (US) I do not speak english.

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Actual commands

by dhegner In reply to I think you are confused ...

I am not accustomed to writing Windows scripts. For years I worked in the Novell environment. I'm looking for the actual commands that I would put into a batch file to say map a drive based on group membership. The standard DOS batch commands do not have a NETUSE command or an IF MEMBER OF command so I'm lost. There has to be some kind of listing of commands used in WIndows .bat login scripts, I just don't know where to look.

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Ok here is a command line reference

by faradhi In reply to Actual commands

However, I do not think that will help you with the task to map drives according to group membership. I can think of two ways.

One, write a batch file that used the net use command. Create a group policy object to apply the script. Assign the group to have the mapped drive to the group policy object.

Two, create a vbscript, jscript or perl script that determines the if the user is a member of a group and map the drive.

I would use the second option. I am sure that there are other ways as well.

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IF member

by support In reply to Ok here is a command line ...

ifmember was a utility on the W2K resource CD. We use it to check group membership before adding icons to a users desktop works great

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Thanks !!!

by dhegner In reply to IF member

This will save me a ton of time !!!

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Example of what your looking for.

by computerguyinmi In reply to Thanks !!!

Set ObjGroupDict = CreateMemberOfObject(strUserDomain, strUserName)

If MemberOf(ObjGroupDict, "Domain Users") Then
WSHNetwork.MapNetworkDrive "P:", "\\dtlmain\" & strUserName & "$"
WSHNetwork.MapNetworkDrive "R:", "\\CLDTL1\Centerline"
WSHNetwork.MapNetworkDrive "S:", "\\dtlmain\shared$"
End If

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Another example

by lsp In reply to Example of what your look ...

I think it is a lot easier with a fasttrack script. When you want to do more than just a few mappings, it really great. Look at

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