Windows server 2003 - Page file usage

By mdabusamar ·
I'm currently monitoring the situation but suspect that this is the cause of the server eventually becoming inaccesible to remote users.

i have a server running window server 2003. it has been hanging frequently a day. because i found its a performance issue, ercently have been monitoring the page file size ever the past 24 hrs it has increased from 600MB to 1.20GB (every day we are restart the system)

plz give this solution as soon as possible,

system admin

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How much system RAM do you have?

by neilb@uk In reply to Windows server 2003 - Pag ...

The recommended fixed page file size is 1.5 times system RAM so a 600MB page file is TINY as it implies 400MB of RAM which is absurd for a W2K3 server although, to be fair, it is above the recommended minimum of 256MB.


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2nd the fixed page size

by ---TK--- In reply to How much system RAM do yo ...

Put it on a different drive...

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Increasing Page file usage history

by mdabusamar In reply to How much system RAM do yo ...


my system RAM is 1GB, processor 3.0Ghz i already increase virtual memory & done defragment but till now same problem is going on.

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Not Enough Information

by Umahduh In reply to Windows server 2003 - Pag ...

what else is running on the server (ie AD, DHCP, DNS, ISS, TS)? also how much RAM is installed and how big is the total available size of the pagefile.

There is not enough information here to have a idea where or what the issue is.

Servers if configured correctly shouldn't have a reason to be restarted on a daily bases

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Automatically increasing page file usage history-

by mdabusamar In reply to Not Enough Information

these service is running on the server AD, DHCP, DNS, ISS, DFS, Mdeamon, spybot

RAM size 1 GB, total virtual size 1500 to 4248 maximum, after this is avalible but system is hanging after 24Hr

system admin

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