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windows server 2003 r2 compatibility with Windows Server 2003 SBS

By tool001 ·
We have only 1 DC running
WINDOWS Server 2003 R2 Small Business Server.(standard ed)32bit
the AD is running off this server,

Recently purchased another server running
2) Windows Server 2003 Standard x64 Ed.

I wanted to make the second (2) server (Windows Server 2003 Standard x64 Ed) my backup domain controller.

i tried to run DCPROMO after running adprep successfully on the DC. But when i ran DCPROMO, i got error to prepare both forest and domain (which has already been done)
& The version of AD schema of sourse forest is not compatible with this version of AD."

Dell mentioned that even though they are both running windows, i cannot promote the 2nd server as AD version is not the same. If i want to create another backup DC i have to install 2003 SBS on it.

wondering if this is correct and if anybody has come across this issue.

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SBS limitations

by p.j.hutchison In reply to windows server 2003 r2 co ...

You cannot have more than one DC if using Small Business Server (hence the word 'Small').

You need to replace the SBS server with Windows 2003 Standard before you can add more DCs.

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u can have more than one DC in a SBS domain,

by tool001 In reply to SBS limitations

yes you can have more than one DC in a SBS domain, as long as the other server is not another SBS machine.

check you this link

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Extra DCs

by p.j.hutchison In reply to u can have more than one ...

Sorry, I stand corrected.

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Same exact problem with promoting 64bit 2003 std R2 server to a DC

by terry In reply to windows server 2003 r2 co ...

I have the same exact problem with promoting 64bit 2003 std R2 server to a DC in a 2003 Small business Server R2 domain. Every time you try you are told to run ADprep be cause the schema is diffrent. I reasearched this and according to a bunch of Microsoft articles there should be no problem adding other DC into the domain as long as the small bussness server stays as the root. In fact it is recomended in several best practice documents for small distributed office structures (like mine) if you have found an answer I could sure use it...

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fixed the problem,,, detail.....

by tool001 In reply to Same exact problem with p ...

the problem is due to the fact that 32bitsbs is not compatible with 64bit, windows, atleast the AD,

so you need 32bit std ed, adprep to prepare ur domain for replication/migration/upgrade /
go to this site
download only the 2nd img file, burn it onto a cd,

2) put the cd in ur sbs server,run adprep
3) go to ur 64bit server, run dcpromo,
let me know if it works, cheers

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by terry In reply to fixed the problem,,, deta ...

Thanks for the reply post, I must have missed it in my feaverish search for the fix via Microsoft before I posted my solution. I do have the restricted hotfix if others have no other resourses

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Falure of 64 bit 2003 R2 server to promote to DC in a domain

by terry In reply to Same exact problem with p ...

WELL after much research and a call to an inside man in Microsoft that we shall simply call "Chris" it seems this is a known bug. Normally one simply runs ADprep from the OS disk of the server one is trying to promote on the DC with the FSMO roles (in this case a 32 bit 2003 SBS R2 server). This however is problematic in 2003 Server R2 64bit version as they only included the ADprep code in 64bit. As most of you are aware you cannot run 64bit compiled code on a 32bit machine. KB91**51 is the knowledgebase article on this and there is a hot fix that is available but you must call Microsoft to get it. The hot fix is just ADPrep in multiple versions (32bit, 64bit, IA64) with the appropriate schema extensions. The good news is that even though it is only certified for 2003 it works just fine on SBS 2003.

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