Windows Server 2003 R2 not accessible error.

By tanasqui ·
I am attempting to set up a file server for a small business on a dell desktop pc w/ 1port 10/100 NIC card
1: Installed Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2
Standard Edition
2: Configured IP Address'
a:Class C network not subnetted
c:11 other pc's all xp dhcp assigned
d:network IP range 1.101-1.100/24
3: Installed Components:
a:File Server Management console
b:Storage Reporting, Quotas and File
c:DFS Management snap-in
d:DFS Replication
e:Storage Manager for SANs
f:Microsoft Services for NFS
g:Services for Macintosh
4: Shared folders with 'File Server Management'
a:Permissions: Administrators have full
access; other users have read and write

I have access with my laptop(Gateway Laptop running Vista 64) to the shared files after entering an admin level user name and password. If I try to access the server from workstations on the same network the error I recieve is as follows: "\\Cprcd00 is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the bla bla bla. The network path was not found." What simple task am I forgetting?

Additionally I cant view other computers on the network from the server. As far as I can tell network discovery is turned on.

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verify connectivity

by computechdan In reply to Windows Server 2003 R2 no ...

have you tried to ping the server's ip address from a workstation and vice versa? the fact that you can't see anything in either direction sounds likes a network address problem

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Yes and No

by tanasqui In reply to verify connectivity

From vista -> Server (,1ms,5ms,1ms (0%loss)
From XP -> Server ( timeout X 4 (100%loss)
From Server -> Vista (0%loss)
From Server -> XP (0%loss)
From Vista -> XP (0%loss)
From XP -> Vista (0%loss)

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I think you need to check

by tintoman In reply to Windows Server 2003 R2 no ...

What IP addresses have been assigned to the 11 pcs you mentioned, because the address range doesn't look right, I mean if you only have 11 computers why dont you just assign the range to ?
Is your file server also a DHCP server? if your DHCP server is a router did you reserve for your server mac address?

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by tanasqui In reply to I think you need to check

I will trim down the IP pool later. Dhcp server is a router the address is reserved.

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