Windows Server 2003 RAID Not Being Recognized

By olaye ·
We had a server (it contains Software Engineering code) lose the backplane to the internal SCSI drives. It had two arrays, a RAID 0 with the OS and applications and a RAID 5 that housed the data. The backplane has been replaced but before that could happen, the server was booted up and Windows started without the RAID 5. The OS of course did not see the RAID 5 on booting and is now not recognized. Nothing was written to the RAID 5 after the initial failure and the program File Scavenger does see the files on the array.

My question is, is it possible or is there a utility for telling W2K3R2 that there is a RAID attached with valid data. Currently, the OS sees the RAID but indicates that it needs to be initialized as if it is a new drive.

I have done some Internet searches but have not found anything that points me to fixing this particular problem (most are for a failed drive, which is easy to recover from). Unfortunately, there is not a backup of the data and it has been in production for a few months, so the data is important

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