Windows Server 2003 RAID

By rlynch@lockhartcadillac. ·
I have just taken over the responsibility of one my companies servers. Its running Server 2003R2 and has a RAID 0 setup (please dont ask why they did that) on the two harddrives inside. One of the drives is starting to have some big problems, and although the os will boot up and I can log in, I am unable to run the main application, which is our AV management console. I have tried to just repair the disks with no luck. The two 250GB drives combine for the 500GB RAID 0. The entire OS and applications only use up about 30GB. Here is my question, if I get into the raid config during boot up, and choose to ?undo? raid, will it try and copy everything over to one drive? I wasnt sure what happens when you undo a RAID0 set. Thanks for the help in advance.

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no the RAID controller won't try and copy everything to one drive

by CG IT In reply to Windows Server 2003 RAID

If the drive is going bad, then the course of action is backup everything to an external source, then replace the faulty drive, create a new RAID array, do a O/S install to the new RAID array, then do a restore from backup.

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thats what i figured

by rlynch@lockhartcadillac. In reply to Windows Server 2003 RAID

thanks for the quick response.

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lots of variables because a lot depends on the RAID controller

by CG IT In reply to thats what i figured

Some, you can delete the RAID array by accident, create one and it's like nothing ever happened. Some, you delete the RAID array and create a new one, the controller wants to format the drives to create the RAID array [old Adaptec RAID controllers].

If this is a small shop, RAID 0 isn't a bad idea as long as they do regular backups.

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Bckup suggestion

by PCpovar In reply to lots of variables because ...

Hey, I was in a similar situation, however we had RAID1 and both drives were failing.
Whenever I touch this ML150, I always grab an image. I use Acronis to create an image of the entire disc. Once I have the image, then I go into the actual configuration. Although you can't get in to your console, I still think that you should grab an image, I would also grab the data by itself.... Once you have the image backup of the way your box is setup now, pop-in two new drives, setup RAID1 and restore the image to one of the discs. RAID utility should allow you to rebuild the drive. If you don't have access to Acronis, you can download a trial of Symantec Server recovery (not sure about the actual title, only used it once), it will allow you to install the application and make a backup to a USB drive. With Symantec you will then need to create a boot disc (CD) and once you rebuilt raid1 with the new drives then restore. If you are able to get your av console working great. If not, I`d say it would`ve still been worth it to restore. Another thing about symantec, you can restore to dissimilar hardware (doesn't matter that it is a trial, it will work to make backups for 60days and you can continue to use the boot disc for restores). Hoep this helps, good luck!

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by PCpovar In reply to Bckup suggestion

If you have a spare box laying around, try restoring image to it with Symantec restore to see if you are able to use that console...
If you restore an image to a dissimilar box and it doesn't work, chances are you will need to reinstall it...

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